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In an article of December 5, 2022, we took up a comment by actress Valérie Lemercier who said « that a bad actor in the cinema is never his fault, it’s that he was badly chosen or badly directed ». But the news, in particular the adventures of the trial between Minister Mame Mbaye Niang and the leader of the Pastef party, for defamation, turn into burlesque, crazy, and reveal that if the actors can be useless, they are more so because the scenario is poorly written. This is how Ousmane Sonko, Dame Mbodj, Guy Marius Sagna put on a bad show by lending their person to leading roles, in turnips worthy of being crowned at the Razzie Awards. Each year, the Razzie Awards select the worst films released in theaters.

This selection, which makes fun of the most lame, cinematographic productions, awards turnips of gold, silver and bronze. The appointed lawyer for the opponents, Lawyer Ciré Clédor Ly, is last at the foot of the podium.

The Bronze donkey to Guy Marius Sagna, the Silver donkey to Dame Mbodji

On March 15, 2023, on the eve of the hearing which was to judge the Mame Mbaye Niang-Ousmane Sonko case, Guy Marius Sagna went to the home of the leader of the Pastef party. On occasion, he clashed with the police disposition and was quick to post images on social networks that showed him with a scratch. Guy Marius Sagna was however hospitalized, at the Suma Assistance clinic, and he filmed and posted videos off himself which showed him with infusions. He was however able to ensure that he was girded with his parliamentary scarf for a better pose in front of the cameras. In view of the images, one could imagine that the young MP was in bad shape and this did not fail to move the world, some whining souls who no doubt wanted to convince themselves of their own emotion. People wanted to express their outrage at the alleged mistreatment of the MP.  This is how we would have noted the particularly indignant reaction of his new friend, the former Prime Minister, Aminata Touré, who in solidarity cried out her anger at seeing him treated in this way. How can we worship so much what we had abhorred so much in the past? It is perhaps, in psychology, the antonymy of spite in love.

But the trickery was obvious. And the next morning, we weren’t too surprised to see the same Guy Marius Sagna, dashing, without the slightest trace of his sores, accompanying Ousmane Sonko who was to go to court. Better, Guy Marius Sagna had shown aggressiveness to harass the police who were trying to divert their procession to another route. He, the sick and hospitalized less than 24 hours earlier, was fighting like a lion to protect Ousmane Sonko. These scenes made people forget the alleged beating!

The teacher trade unionist, Dame Mbodji, exposed his bad talents as a huckster by playing the victim of an assassination attempt. On Thursday March 16, 2023, in a widely circulated video, Dame Mbodj claimed that he was the victim of an assassination attempt by henchmen of the Macky Sall regime. He thus showed around seven bullet holes on his vehicle, caused by men on motorbikes, armed with burst guns, who would have followed him the day before, on the Corniche in Dakar, at the end of a nocturnal program on the Tfm channel. Former Prime Minister Abdoul Mbaye, a radical and fierce opponent of the Macky Sall regime, gave an outraged reaction, « demanding that all the light be shed on this despicable assassination attempt ». 

It was really necessary to want to take bladders for lanterns to seek to give an ounce of credit to the revelations of Lady Mbodji. First, what would Dame Mbodji represent on the political spectrum or what could be the issue that would justify an assassination attempt? Further, the visible findings could not fool the most gullible of people. The bullet holes were visible on all sides of the vehicle, and clearly the shooters would have circled the vehicle rather than firing at a moving target, whereas according to the words of the miraculously spared target, they too would have been on a motorcycle on the move.

The biggest aberration will remain that the bullet holes are on both sides, placed on the same locations, and again on areas whose repairs should not cost too much. In addition, the « friend » Dame Mbodj, recounts   that after this serious incident he went to sleep quietly at home, instead of taking refuge at the first police or gendarmerie station to escape his assailants. Indeed, Abdoul Mbaye is perfectly right, an exhaustive investigation must be carried out on this affair, so as not to allow the gratuitous accusations of attempted assassination to flourish systematically and without the slightest evidence.

In the same way, an investigation is underway to elucidate the circumstances of Ousmane Sonko’s hospitalization at the Suma Assistance clinic. Candid (?) public figures had sought to corner the state authorities, taking up the thesis of an attempted poisoning of Ousmane Sonko, and above all advocating his evacuation abroad. However, one can wonder if this request is not due to a certain perfidy to push to carry out these investigations in order to expose the deception. Spare me from my friends!

The Golden Donkey Hat for Ousmane Sonko

« It is rare that when you lie, everything agrees: the look, the voice and the attitude. » (Madeleine Ferron).  Ousmane Sonko and his counsel Lawyer Ciré Clédor Ly succeeded in having their request for the postponement of the trial, which was to be held on March 16, 2023, to March 30, 2023. We subsequently discovered, with the waves of arrests made by the police in the ranks of the « commando of Pastef », that the request for dismissal hid no less than a sly desire to give troublemakers time to better prepare themselves to sow the chaos always announced. But that’s not the point!

Ousmane Sonko said at the hearing that he was unwell, claiming to have been the victim of an attempted poisoning with a toxic liquid that would have been poured on him by an element of the Security Forces. At the time, images, which could not identify the culprit, had made the rounds of social networks and, in the ranks of the Pastef party, a manhunt was promised. It was without knowing that the person who had poured liquid on Ousmane Sonko was immediately arrested. Paradoxically, it turned out that the fellow is one of his allies and, in explaining his gesture, he told the investigators that he just wanted to spray his leader with a substance to protect him from inhaling tear gas. It should be noted that the lawyer who sat alongside Ousmane Sonko never complained of toxic inhalations or attempted poisoning.  By taking the plane the very day after the events, Lawyer Ciré Clédor Ly had embarked using a wheelchair, but we will find him arriving in Paris, after a 5-hour flight, on his two legs, going to pick up coffee quietly.

In addition, no one else in the vehicle (Guy Marius Sagna, the driver or the security guards) deplored a toxic inhalation. Never mind, Ousmane Sonko will be admitted to the Suma Assistance clinic. But the stupidest is yet to come. The investigation opened by the police will establish that no medical act was performed on the patient.

Doctor Ousmane Cissé, personal and family doctor of Ousmane Sonko, who is moreover an active member of his party, and who was urgently called to the courthouse to establish a diagnosis of the state of health of the defendant who said he was queasy, confide to the investigators that he did not performe any medical act on the « patient », since his hospitalization at Suma Assistance.

According to him, it is a team of specialists whom he did not identify, who took care of the internee. He informed that he just accompanied Ousmane Sonko to the clinic, but did not take care of him. Thus, he says he does not know the pathology from which he suffered, nor if he was exposed to a toxic substance. Other members of the Suma Assistance medical staff, heard by the police, for their part declared that they did not have access to him, following the instructions of the head of the clinic, Doctor Babacar Niang. The latter, an emergency physician by trade, following a wanted notice issued by the police, was caught, far from his clinic, in the village of Medina Ndiathbé, more than 500 kilometers from his place of work and his habitual residence.

The investigation has not yet said where Dr Niang was looking to go but, being transferred to Dakar, he said that an ambulance went to his home it was at the request of the patient and drove him to the Suma Assistance clinic. Only, he specified that Ousmane Sonko was followed by his own medical staff, in this case doctors Cissé and Ndoye as well as their nurse. In other words, he argued that Suma Assistance did not diagnose the patient and did not perform any medical act on his person. Moreover, Dr. Niang affirmed that his clinic is open to independent specialists who can bring their patients there and treat them on site, without the clinic having any control over the patient. We did not know until now that Suma Assistance could serve as a kind of hotel! In any case, Suma Assistance will not be able to issue him a medical certificate because he has not been treated medically. During his third interrogation, Dr. Niang was still able to say a little more about the circumstances of the hospitalization. He was able to explain that the famous patient was received and examined by Doctor A. Bangbola, of Beninese nationality, who proceeded to his hospitalization. Now, this doctor happens to be a gynecologist. (The subject is too serious to laugh!).

Panicked at having been dragged reluctantly into an incredible story, Dr. Bangbola quickly ran to the Benin consulate in Dakar to ask for consular protection, explaining that he only received a patient who told him that he was complaining of multiple bruises and that he only gave him a common sedative, paracetamol. Certainly, we are a long way from the thesis of poisoning which would require a medical evacuation abroad as was demanded, loud and clear, by the leaders of the Pastef party and the « human rightist », Alioune Tine, as well as many other opposition leaders. The fact remains that all these beautiful people have suddenly become circumspect or even inhabited by an embarrassed silence, since they saw the « patient », who was presented as dying, make a « live » of more than an hour, three days after his hospitalization, to continue, with verve and vigor, to accuse the regime of Macky Sall of all the wrongdoings and to urge the people of militants of the Pastef party to mobilize to serve as a human shield. Some also had fun, wondering if Ousmane Sonko would have borrowed from Guy Marius Sagna his funny infusion to adorn himself with. But the trickery was even more visible in the eyes of specialists in health acts. Many of them reacted after viewing the statement, to scoff that « the solution in the vial is poly-vitamin hydrosol, due to its yellowish color, and if the infusion was normal, the tubing that connects the vein vial had to be the same color. In conclusion, the infusion is false, the yellowish liquid is absent from the tube and, for a first in the history of medicine, an infusion is made on a patient without a venous catheter”.  There is no longer any doubt, once again, Ousmane Sonko has been confused in his lies and acts of manipulation.

The people who demanded his medical evacuation abroad resigned themselves to crying foul, that an investigation be opened and that doctors be heard by the police. Now they invoke medical secrecy! Moreover, Ousmane Sonko is now silenced, especially since each of his outings becomes catastrophic and ruins what remains of his credibility. It remains to be seen for how long he will be able to endure the torture of silence? Any news from Me Ciré Clédor Ly?  A statement purporting to come from his family says he is much better and it is also understood that he should be in Nouakchott this week to plead in the case of the criminal proceedings brought against former Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. What about his participation in the trial of Ousmane Sonko scheduled for March 30, 2023?

A complaint is also being filed against the Suma Assistance team for failure to assist a person in danger. Doudou Fall, municipal agent, succumbed to his serious injuries during the scuffles of March 16, 2023 and the mayor of the Medina maintains that his collaborator was not properly taken care of by the medical teams, because he was not was not from the Pastef party. In democratic countries, the cases of Dr Niang and Lawyer Ciré Clédor Ly would have challenged their respective corporations which would ensure, at the very least, compliance with ethical and deontological rules.

*The title is borrowed from the title of the film, an excellent one, « Hotel Rwanda », shot as a testimony to the 1994 genocide. Paul Rusesabagina, whose story inspired this film, has just been released from prison by President Paul Kagame.

By Madiambal DIAGNE /

  • Translation by Ndey T. SOSSEH

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